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We are building a mobile-first retail platform that sets a new standard in efficiency and productivity.

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Using the following Key Performance Indicators, we were able to boil down the advantages of using KACHING over traditional retail tools.


Conversion Rate

Convert more of your visitors during peak hours through reduced queuing times and a better service.


Cross-Selling Effect

With real-time stock information and product recommendations, cross-selling is easier than ever before.


Checkout Times

A smooth checkout experience goes a long way toward making your customers happier and more loyal.


Customer Satisfaction

By removing all friction from the shopping experience, your customers will be happier than ever before.


Employee Satisfaction

We strive to offer the best experience for your sales staff to make them more fulfilled, engaged, and productive.

Kaching ╳ Digital Inn

In June 2017, we launched our pilot with Digital Inn, replacing their point of
sales system in all ten of their stores in the Stockholm area. Our
platform has enabled them to increase sales and track the
activities within their stores more accurately.
Currently Digital Inn welcomes 500k visitors to their stores
every year and that number keeps growing.
We are very happy to be a part of this.

Our Products

We are committed to bringing a premium experience to the retail industry with a suite of apps designed to help your business be even more efficient and profitable.


A mobile point of sale (mPOS) that makes physical registers look like historical artifacts.


Keep track of stock movements and inventory conveniently in one place.


Quickly get an overview of how your business is doing all in one place.


A mobile application designed to further engage customers with your business.


A convenient way for B2B clients and sales reps to keep track of their leased items and contracts.

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